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Bee Driver

Bee Order is well known customer facing Middle Eastern food delivery platform. Company also has its own app for delivery (drivers) called BeeDriver.

Main goal of the project was to simplify the user journey (UX/UI) and increase driver productivity. This is done by introducing various incentives based on driver`s activity during specific conditions (rainy days, holidays, etc.) reviews, number of deliveries, and other. The overall driver base activity has been significantly increased as a result. the increase overall driver base activity is achieved.

Our role:  
• Conducting numerous tests, which, along with the analysis of user behaviour within the app helped us locate and remove the bottlenecks.
• Finding a solution for integrating API with existing app which, acts as an admin side for all the orders coming from the app.
• Leading cross functional, remote teams towards successful execution.
• Creating technical and non-technical documentation
• Google analytics integration