The Manifest Awards Phoenix Consultancy

GoodFirms Highly Recommends Phoenix Consultancy for its Full-Service Software Development Services

As businesses look to develop a new corporate website or maybe a SaaS product, several crucial operations are to be considered. Some savvy tech founders prefer hiring a full-service software agency, whereas some experienced businesses seek expert tech consultation. Phoenix Consultancy is among those pioneers in software solutions that provide everything under the same umbrella.

Phoenix Consultancy is a leading software development agency established in 2020 that provides full-service development operations to all types of businesses. Based in Serbia and also operating in Ohio, USA, the company provides a wide range of custom-made software solutions to the clients from different industries ranging from budding businesses to Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Phoenix Consultancy works with a boutique approach to accomplish things at its end. The company keenly relies on automation and technology to serve its clients best. As a well-organized and relaxed business venture, the company gives less importance to the critical aspects of the process, making them more straightforward. The company efficiently leads multiple cross-functional teams.

Shedding more light on the project development process, CEO shares, “While leading a project, we provide excellent end-to-end software development solutions to our esteemed customers following the critical process of analysis, solution proposal, requirement gathering, product roadmap, team optimization, software development/integration, quality analysis, and delivery.” 

“The industries we cover are Cyber Security, Fintech, Real Estate, Health Care, Entertainment, E-commerce, Telecommunication, and Logistics” , he further added.

In charge of the product's success, the company successfully represents its user's needs, and defines the product's vision, strategy, roadmap, and exciting project-related requirements. The team closely works with other teams in the company and profoundly monitors the trends and competitions prevailing in the market.

Phoenix professionals answer well to HOW and WHO and will address client queries and questions related to the budget, scope, and timeline. They create meetings and conduct progress reports, whereas the dedicated QA team defines and implements processes, methodologies, and standards to ensure all requested software quality is accomplished. The agile methodology implemented in the project guarantees flexibility, transparency, frequent deliverability, and risk management.

Furthermore, the company leads among its counterparts and is recognized and appreciated by GoodFirms and many other leading review and rating websites. It is ranked as the top software development company in Serbia in the GoodFirms ranking list. It assures that it is progressively riding on the road of its development, benefitting other businesses as well.